Jenny Buzek

Jenny Buzek
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
IHP Functional Training, Jr. Instructor
IHP Functional Training, Instructor
DVRT Level 1 Certified
American Heart Association, CPR/AED
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  • In 2005, Jenny left her career in the insurance industry to pursue her passion in the fitness industry. She is a mission driven fitness professional with her personal training certification.  She has a keen interest in human health and well-being and seeks opportunities to empower others to reach their peak performance.  She has a superior reputation among colleagues and clientele as an ethical, devoted, and effective team member.


  • The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio
  • University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio , Nutrition Program


  • Since helping Scott open the doors of Cincinnati Functional Fitness (CFF) in 2005, Jenny has been conducting one-on-one consultations and orientations to the gym, and appropriate exercise regiments. She assists clients with their questions pertaining to health, exercise, use of equipment, and nutrition.  She is also the main facilitator of the FIT classes.  Jenny assesses client’s fitness goals and provides individualized feedback to enhance physical performance and results.  She uses functional exercise techniques to increase fitness capacity in daily performance of physical activity.  She also implements new exercises and workout routines to stay current with fitness innovations and expand her knowledge/experience as fitness professional.