About CFF

Cincinnati Functional Fitness first opened its doors in 2005. The CFF facility is approximately 4,750 sq ft with plenty of parking, locker rooms, and showers.

CFF is equipped with the most innovative equipment for Performance Training, such as:

  • Triple Trainer – which is a multi-purpose machine focused on resistance using pressurized air.
  • Freemotion Epic Machines -the most up to date machines in the fitness industry.
  • Squat Racks – which are for multi-purpose use, such as bench press, squats, and dead-lifts.
  • Dumbbells – which are used for muscle building as well as to train movement.
  • CFF uses a variety of modalities to strengthen the human body – Ropes, Stability Balls, Medicine Balls, Sandbags, Bands, Tires, Kettlebells, and your own Bodyweight, which is by far the best machine!

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is one’s ability to optimally combine agility, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance. CFF specializes in developing unique programs that ensure you will be functionally fit and add quality to your years. Our team of performance trainers are the undisputed leaders in the fitness and sports performance fields. The CFF team is caring, compassionate, and is dedicated to assisting all of our clients reach their goals.


CFF is a proud partner of IHPU!