Emily Ireland

Up Close:

Emily grew up in the small town of Wilmington, Ohio. Growing up she was highly involved with athletics, through sports such as cross country, track, soccer, and basketball, and years of CrossFit experience. Basketball and soccer became Emily’s primary pursuit at competitive levels up until the time she began her college education. As a current student within the Health Sciences program at the University of Cincinnati with a focus on Physical Therapy, Emily’s passion for health and fitness is supported and congruent with her educational focus. Through college, Emily has continued to stay active by training for and running many 5k’s, a 10k, and half marathon, remaining involved in recreational sports, consistently remaining dedicated to the gym, and being involved in a local boxing gym. Growing up in the gym has brought Emily the strong desire to influence and help others grow in the same way she has through her fitness journey from a young age. She strongly believes possessing the knowledge of physical health is only so valuable if it is not effectively applied to our daily lives.




Current student of the University of Cincinnati; Health Sciences: Physical Therapy with a minor in Psychology, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Nutritional Coach




Emily has gained prior training experience through her time working as a personal trainer at the University of Cincinnati. This experience allowed her to work with a diverse clientele where she was responsible for programming sessions geared towards the unique goals of the individual. She also has prior training experience within EMS training at a local gym, utilizing this technology to work with special populations such as those with MS, Parkinson’s, and more. Through college Emily has three years of volunteer experience with the Iron Core Adapted Strength & Conditioning Program, where she has been able to modify and implement weekly exercise programming for adapted athletes within the adapted sports of wheelchair basketball, sled hockey, and more.