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JOSHUA Burkhardt


  • Joshua grew up in Milford and always spent his time playing basketball or playing outdoors with his friends at a young age. His love for fitness started in high school when he decided he wanted to gain some weight and at the same time, put on some muscle as well. Ever since then, Josh’s curiosity and desire to learn more about fitness only grew and he decided to go to college to work towards a degree in physical therapy. While in college, he saw the glowing effect that personal trainers had on their clients and quickly decided that he himself would like to become a personal trainer as well.


  • Joshua has been to many gyms over the years, but always felt that closeness and a sense of family was severely lacking in these gyms. But, he quickly learned that Cincinnati Functional Fitness was not like all the other gyms and rapidly gained a real sense of community when entering the facility. He can and will work with any person who walks through the doors of CFF because anyone willing to step into the arena of self-betterment and discipline deserves not only a fair chance, but excellent service as well.


  • Currently attending the University of Cincinnati going down the pre-physical therapy track in the College of Allied Health Sciences.

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