Cole Honeycutt

Cincinnati Functional Fitness Personal Trainer

Cole is a personal trainer whose whole life has been encompassed by fitness. From a young age, he participated in sports regularly, competing in rugby, football, wrestling, and baseball. After his time in sports ended, he started his own training journey, becoming passionate about health, human movement, and functional fitness. He takes pride in being the hardest worker in the room and wants you to as well. Throughout his own training, he has gained a great deal of appreciation for the commitment it takes to show up and put in effort, even on those days when you may not want to! He is driven by a desire to help others and wants nothing more than to share his passion for fitness with you. That very desire has led Cole to attend the University of Cincinnati where he majors in their Pre-Physical Therapy program. Through his continued education, he expands his knowledge each day to ensure he provides you with the tools you need to achieve your goals in a way that is functional, efficient, and healthy.


Cole has spent the last year and a half working as a float Clinical Assistant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. During this period, he has spent a vast amount of time within their various Sports med PT locations, learning valuable knowledge surrounding the importance of movement and health from the #1 children’s hospital in the nation. He has also competed in powerlifting where he developed the ability to breakdown the biomechanics and technicalities of each compound lift (Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift). This ability allows him to ensure proper technique at any point in strength training from beginner to advanced. 

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