Allison Goodpaster

Cincinnati Functional Fitness Personal Trainer

After graduation, Allison spent several years in retail management and also in the corporate world before deciding to follow her true passion, fitness. Allison has been a trainer at CFF since 2005 and enjoys working with clients of all ages, fitness levels and goals. She has experience training athletes in many different sports, such as golf, soccer and basketball, but she feels that her true calling is to work with the overweight/obese population.​

University of Cincinnati, BS Health Promotion and Education; Community Health

Over the past 19 years, Allison has expanded her knowledge of fitness training through workshops, certifications, and most importantly, through her experience with many different types of clients. She has worked with elite high school athletes that have continued on to compete at the college level and has also worked with several women throughout their entire pregnancy. These experiences have sharpened Allison’s ability to create and modify any workout for any type of limitation. Growing up an athlete herself, she has always valued the importance of strength training and strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Scott Goodpaster