Lynda Spurling

CINCINNATI Functional Fitness Personal Trainer

Ever since Lynda learned how to walk, she hit the ground running. A lifelong Cincinnati resident, born with a drive and passion of wanting to be a part of the best in any endeavor. Fitness played a role early on when she hit the soccer field and only grew stronger as she developed. When she began her college career she had to step off of the field, but never stopped running. The team spirit never left as she found an even greater love in motivating others to tackle their fitness goals and to hit the pavement side by side. Lynda always comes eager to learn and fascinated by how much the human body can achieve through movement. Nothing is more rewarding for her than sharing that knowledge, and impacting the quality of life of those that she encounters. She is a firm believer that all goals are possible given the right environment, proper coaching, and plenty of hard work. Lynda knows that the feeling of accomplishment that comes with achieving a goal is unsurpassed and achievable for all, no matter one’s ability

Lynda has always found herself in a position of motivating those around her. She left her supervisory career within the restaurant industry to pursue her passion for fitness. She has always possessed an innate ability to help those around her accomplish the unthinkable. She spends her time now, running on the trails and rock climbing at the nearest crags, stopping always to share knowledge and offer support. Forging these immediate connections with people, allows Lynda to fully understand everyone’s unique individual goals. She continues to expand her knowledge within the fitness realm, always wanting to learn how to not only improve herself, but to better assist others. No matter the transformation that one might desire, she stands ready to take you to new heights.

University of Cincinnati, BS Chemistry

Scott Goodpaster