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  • Josh grew up on the west side of Cincinnati. Ever since Josh was a kid he loved the game of lacrosse and was constantly improving his physical ability along with his lacrosse skills. Josh continued his lacrosse career in college at Otterbein University. In college, Josh discovered his passion for learning how the body moves and how movement and exercise can help improve activities of daily living, confidence, and overall feeling of the body.


  • During Josh’s time at Otterbein University, he had the opportunity to develop exercise programs for faculty members and individuals within the Otterbein community with mental or physical disabilities. Josh also completed an internship at a functional fitness facility in Columbus, OH where he fell in love with the functional aspect of exercising. He loves to train people of all ages and understands that every person is different and needs individualized goals. Josh is always working to expand his knowledge in the exercise industry to ensure he is able to give everyone the care they deserve. Josh’s favorite part of working as a personal trainer is helping people positively transform their body and mindset.

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