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Personal Training

Why hire a personal trainer? Are you stuck in a rut or have you reached a plateau? Have you become bored with your workout or lost your motivation?


  • Are you stuck in a rut or have you reached a plateau?

  • Have you become bored with your workout or lost your motivation?

  • Are you in decent shape but want to get to the next level?

  • Are you tired of aches and pains and ready to become a healthier, happier you?


  • Individualized safe and effective program design

  • Increased accountability to keep you on track

  • Goal setting

  • Support and encouragement

  • Increased confidence

  • Research has proven clients work 40% harder while being trained by a personal trainer


Our trainers are highly educated, highly qualified, and up-to-date with the most innovative and effective training methodologies. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the very best instruction; therefore ensuring they develop a good solid base and are appropriately progressed. CFF trainers are experience in working with all types of clients regardless of the age, fitness level, injuries, or restrictions.

Trust us with your health and fitness goals and we promise to provide you with a specialized program designed to help you reach your goals, whether they are to reduce body fat and lose weight, increase energy, stamina and mobility or simply to enhance work, recreation and sports performance.

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From 260lb couch potato to Ironman! I have been training at CFF for the past 7 years, and what started as support to a healthy lifestyle, molded into sport specific training. I credit my success in triathlons to not just my strength, but more importantly, my ability to remain injury free. I always feel like that’s CFF’s number one priority when it comes to training! Thank you CFF for being an integral part of my transformation.

- Bruce Chaiken

CFF Before_After-02.png

I am a stronger woman physically, mentally and emotionally because of my relationship with CFF. CFF has changed my life and I will enjoy a healthy lifestyle for years to come with CFF by my side!

-Dee Tibbs

CFF Before_After-03.png

I have always felt awkward and out of place at a gym until I found CFF. I have always considered myself to be overweight, but the confidence that I gained through working with my trainer, helped push me to lose 85lbs! Yes, CFF helped me get stronger, but it is the knowledge of what a healthy lifestyle feels like that keeps me coming back!

-Amy Wulfekotter

CFF Before_After-04.png

In 2018, I committed to making a true lifestyle change! A big part of this change was finding strength training at CFF. From the moment I stepped into the gym everyone from trainers to clients were so incredibly friendly, supportive and encouraging. No matter your goals or fitness level the trainers are there to help ensure success.

- Jaime McDermott

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