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The Number One Resource in Functional Dryland Training for Swimmers

If you are a swimmer, or want to train like one -you are in the right place!


If you are a swimmer, or want to train like one -you are in the right place! Cincinnati Functional Fitness is the number one resource in dryland training for swimmers. It is no secret that to compete at a high level in the sport of swimming you must have a complete training regimen, one that includes an excellent dryland training program. CFF has created training programs that are specific to the sport of swimming. If you are looking for new ideas and exercises that will take your swimming to the next level then you have come to the right place!


CFF offers an innovative approach to training – building a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each swimmers goal. We take pride at CFF and coach from the moment a swimmer enters our facility to the moment they leave. At CFF, each swimmer will get consistent coaching. CFF’s cutting edge strength and conditioning for swimmers program includes instruction in proper movement, injury reduction, proper functional strength training, core training, and explosive power development. CFF will periodize each swimmer using our system the 5 phases so they are peaked at the right time.


  • MOVEMENT PREP Comprehensive Warm-Up


  • TOTAL BODY STRENGTH Functional Approach, Thorough instruction, Focus on Upper Body, Lower Body and Core.


  • CORE STIFFNESS, CORE ROTATION AND CORE ALIGNMENT Core Stiffness Transmits Power, Core Rotation and Core Alignment Is Key To Hold A Swimmers Position In The Water So You Can Swim In a Straight Line Efficiently.


  • ANKLE STIFFNESS Enhances Starts And Turns


  • FLEXIBILITY  Focus On Functional Flexibility- Flexibility A Swimmer Can Use.


  • EXPLOSIVE POWER Medicine Ball Training And Jumping


  • INJURY PREVENTION Identify and Strengthen Weaknesses Enhance Joint Integrity. #1 Goal Is To Keep The Swimmer Healthy And In The Pool.


  • CONDITIONING Swim Ready Preparation For All Swimmers By Increasing The Human Will And Accepting High Levels Pain Tolerance.



Cincinnati Functional Fitness has been crucial not only in my development as an athlete, but as a person as well. Since I started training at CFF seven years ago, I have continued to get faster in swimming and have felt stronger in the water. And throughout the years, I have gained an exceptional amount of knowledge about my body and how to take care of it. But what makes CFF special is the atmosphere. Each trainer truly cares about me as a person, and I would call every single one of them my family, especially my trainer Scott Goodpaster. Scott has the constant desire to learn and get better in everything he does, and he goes above and beyond to study swimming and evolve my workouts as I evolve as an athlete. He is a one of a kind motivator and will go out of his way to support all of his clients. I will really miss training with Scott, but am lucky to have had him as a coach and mentor! I am so thankful for Cincinnati Functional Fitness & know I will carry the knowledge, lessons, and memories I have made there as I go through life!

-Hannah Foster 


Working with Scott Goodpaster at CFF was a great help in building my confidence, strength, endurance, power, and most importantly overall character. Scott's encouragement and expectations were very motivating and pushed me toward the goals I wanted to achieve. He was always clear on his expectations and always reinforced the mindset of a champion. He, along with his staff at CFF are committed to developing the body and the mind.  Scott developed exercises that were specific to my sport and overall development.  He was constantly researching and developing a plan that would allow me to gain strength and power without losing my flexibility. Scott's workouts were targeted, intense and required 'laser focused' attention.  Scott has helped me to always be  ' WORLD CLASS' not only in my training, but day to day living! During my training under Scott, I was able to become a  2-time High school team championship, 4-time individual champion in the 100,200,500 yard freestyles, and also a 4-time relay champion. I also qualified to represent The United States if America at the 2015 Junior World Championship team in Singapore. There I competed in the 4x200m relay that won gold and set the Junior World Record. I have continued my sports career at Arizona State University and their Division 1 collegiate swimming program where I am currently a Sophomore. Through discussion and suggestions from Scott, I also decided to follow my passion by studying in the field of Exercise and Wellness at ASU. If you want to send your life and wellness in ANY CAPACITY on the right track Scott Goodpaster is a man you want in your life!

- Grant House


CFF will always have a special place in my heart. I am so grateful to have been apart of the CFF family for 9 years! Scott Goodpaster has transformed me into a world class athlete and I owe so much credit to him and CFF. CFF is a place where lifelong friends are made and life long goals are achieved!

- Carson Foster (USA National Team)


Training at CFF has been a once in a lifetime experience that helped me reach the next level in swimming. When I started training with Scott, I never thought that my swimming career would reach the heights that it has and I have CFF to thank for helping me reach my goals. Every trainer at CFF truly cares about you as a person and friend, which makes putting in the work even more enjoyable. 

- Jake Foster (USA National Team)


I never would have imagined how impactful training with Scott at CFF would be on my swimming career.  Training at CFF has not only increased my physical capabilities as a swimmer, but has also help me understand the value of hard work.  The CFF environment facilitates success for anyones goals and the community is very positive.  Thanks to Scott and all the trainers who have helped me achieve what I thought I could not in swimming and in life!


- Aaron Sequeira

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