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Our Mission


After completing our program; you will step onto the mat, shake hands with your opponent, and say:





In 2005, CFF developed a cutting edge bodyweight training program for wrestlers. Many high school and college wrestling programs have used it. My hard-core training approach is effective because it prepares all wrestlers for the demands of their sport. Coaches love the program because it requires no space, no equipment, no wasted time and all wrestlers are engaged the entire workout. I highly encourage you to use my program if you want your wrestlers to have that extra edge and enjoy a successful season.



Joel Greenlee, Head Coach, Ohio University

“Being strong can be the difference between success and failure at the collegiate level. Working with Scott at Cincinnati Functional Fitness has been a crucial element to our training and success at Ohio University. Scott’s approach is systematic, scientific and geared to the sport of wrestling. His passion for continuing to improve as a coach in order to enhance the performance of his athletes is unmatched.”

David Taylor, 4-time Ohio State Wrestling Champion

“This is the best shape I’ve ever been in. The best I’ve ever wrestled was this year, after training with Scott Goodpaster. It really paid off and he’s a great guy. I can’t explain how much he has helped me in addition to other people.”

Kevin Hyland, Elder HS

OHSAA D-I State Runner Up

“I started training at CFF in my sophomore year of HS. Scott Goodpaster and CFF’s program helped strengthen my core and body through grueling workouts. CFF is a huge reason why I went on to achieve my goals in wrestling. Over the next 2 years, while working out with CFF, I compiled 85 wins, placing 4th my Junior year and then State Runner–Up as a Senior both at 189lbs. The Program Scott put me through got me to where I am. I cannot thank Scott enough for being such a mentor and a friend, and I highly recommend CFF for athletes who want to achieve their goals!”

Ian Korb, Elder HS 

OHSAA D-I State Runner Up

“I came to Scott Goodpaster before my Junior year wrestling season looking to get bigger and stronger. He took the time to explain his training methodologies and helped me understand that my core was weak. This was the reason for my strength problems on the mat. Scott’s workouts helped me to strengthen my weaknesses so that I was able to receive a national ranking throughout my Senior year. I placed 3rd in the state tournament my Junior year and 2nd my Senior year.
I cannot thank Scott enough for the hard work and effort he put into me. He was able to push and motivate me in a way that no other trainer has been able to do. I credit him for helping me get to UPenn to wrestle at that next level. Not going to Scott Goodpaster for your Strength & Conditioning needs would be a mistake. Thanks for everything Scott.”

A.J. Kowal, OHSAA D-I State Runner Up

“Since the summer before my freshman year of high school, I have trained at Cincinnati Functional Fitness with the goal of building strength for wrestling. Over the past 5 years, Scott Goodpaster and the world-class staff at CFF have had a huge impact on my wrestling career, helping me develop into a top-level wrestler, and taking my strength, endurance and character to levels beyond what I thought was possible. As a result of my training at CFF, I can honestly say that in my final year of high school wrestling, I never wrestled an opponent who was physically stronger than me. In addition, CFF has given me the confidence to attack any challenge, on the mat or in life, knowing that I have the ability to win. Thank you, CFF, for helping me grow from an average athlete into a champion!”

Jerome Robinson, Cleveland St Ignatius, 2 Time Ohio State Champ

“I want to thank Scott for helping and encouraging me to reach my goals. I had severe back problems that would keep me off the mat for days at a time. Thanks to his training techniques i was able to be on the mat everyday with no pain at all. Thank you Scott for everything!”

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