Joseph Poore

Cincinnati Functional Fitness Personal Trainer

Growing up in the suburbs of Cincinnati before the advent of PC’s & video games, dawn to dusk ranged anywhere from climbing to the tops of trees to digging holes as deep as the southwest Ohio soil let us. When play gave way to organized sports & sports gave way to a college education, the gym became Joe’s playground. Fueled by the fruits of regular workouts, namely physical & mental well-being, Joe set out to learn as much as he could about this craft & enjoyed imparting this knowledge to friends, family, and anyone eager to enjoy the same fruits. After college, he embarked on a 25 year career in corporate sales & business development in multiple industries including healthcare, his passion. Despite the travel & rigorous schedule he remained diligent with his workouts, never leaving the house without his gym bag in the trunk. In January 2023 Joe decided to step into his lifelong passion for health, well-being & helping others realize their innate potential through a new career in Personal Training.

Joe is ACE certified & soaking up knowledge from his mentors & colleagues while leveraging his fitness knowledge background to train clients of all ages including athletes desiring to gain a competitive edge.

B.S. Paper Science & Engineering from Miami University

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