Megan Barlage

Cincinnati Functional Fitness Personal Trainer

Megan grew up in Milford and was very passionate about fitness and sports from a young age. She started her love of fitness in gymnastics, where her love of challenges and creativity collided, until she sought out something more competitive and physical. Soccer became her passion and training and practice became her life, providing an escape from every day stressors. She had the opportunity to play in college and passed it up to go into the United States Air Force, where she continued to be active and involve fellow airmen in fitness groups. Due to her love of helping others and improving others lives, she went into Occupational Therapy.

Realizing that she needed to let her passion of fitness take the lead, she became certified as a personal trainer. She encourages everyone to take their health into their own hands, no matter the age, level, or circumstance. Anyone can improve their health with functional fitness.

Megan started training at CFF in 2016 after a debilitating soccer hamstring injury. The passion and level of training that was being offered at CFF stuck in her mind and came back full circle and she decided to become a trainer. She would love to work with anyone who has one goal in mind, to improve their health for the better. She understands that setbacks occur and wants to help those who struggle with their health and fitness. Whether the struggle is with medical conditions, mindsets, stigmas, motivation, or self- esteem, she will be with you every step of the way to provide positive reinforcement to turn cannot into I can!

Scott Goodpaster